Check out the section of my website that describes the buying process step by step. This covers every step from making an offer to closing and beyond.


I am an exclusive buyer's agent. I rarely represent sellers unless they are previous clients. Unlike most real estate agents, I won't try to sell you a home, I will help you buy one! I will represent you completely free of charge, helping you to find the right property and offering you advice and support at every step of the way through to closing and beyond. I have access to every home listed for sale in the area, so you don't need to hop from realtor to realtor in case you miss out on a good deal.


I work as a buyer's agent on your behalf, representing your best interests, not those of the seller.


If you buy a home, my commission is received from funds contributed on the seller's side of the transaction, so you pay absolutely nothing for my help and advice. I offer a truly unbiased and independent service with no hidden referral fees or kickbacks - find out more. I work only with on short term rental communities. I can offer both new homes and re-sales, often with an established business and advance rental bookings in place.


If you email me with some thoughts on what you may be looking for I can set up an auto-search for all new listings or price changes on communities that interest you, so you receive email notifications of all changes in real time.



Denis Le Marchant-Smith,
Exclusive Buyer Agent, Owner/Broker, Hightower Realty International

Graduate, Realtor© Institute

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